ST. CLOUD -- This Saturday is the 4th of July and for the 74th consecutive year St. Cloud will be holding a fireworks display to celebrate, although this year it will be a lot different due to social distancing.

Committee President Tom Richardson says they'll be shooting off the fireworks from an undisclosed location.

We are shooting from one location.  We are the official 4th of July fireworks.  It's going to be a brief and hopefully dynamic salute to July 4th.

In years past the fireworks have been launched from a barge in the Mississippi River, Richardson says that is not going to be the secret location this year.

He says residents will be given a heads-up on which direction to look from their homes right before showtime.

Probably about 10 minutes before showtime, so about 9:50 p.m. on July 4th.  We don't walk folks to try to rush to that location, but we want folks to look in that direction, step outside in your backyard or on your doorstep.

The direction will be announced on their website and Facebook page. There are no festivities planned this year from either Hester or Wilson Park.

Richardson says he's also hoping to have a flyover sometime during the day on Saturday, but the details on that are still being worked out.

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