Last week when Jerry Carlson and I talked with Alyssa Hayes from Explore Minnesota we discussed the fall color report and different haunted houses and other haunted place to visit in the state.  Because of the snowy weather this week we discussed how Minnesotans may pivot to outdoor snow activities like snow shoeing, and cross country skiing. Snowmobiling may take a bit longer since trails won't be ready until December 1st.  Listen to our conversation below.


Because of the pandemic Alyssa says many traditional fall and winter activities will be done virtually and she says kids are adapting well to it. Many Minnesota activities can be indoors which can include board games and cards.  She says there are Minnesota based board games out there to play.

Alyssa says Minnesotans are hardy and will adapt to the weather even if winter has come earlier than expected.  She says there are plenty of resorts and destinations in Minnesota people can visit in the winter that can be appealing and a good get away if you need a break from the stress of the pandemic.

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