LITTLE FALLS -- The Morrison County Sheriff says they've found evidence that links the two teens who were shot and killed on Thanksgiving Day to another another burglary.

Sheriff Michel Wetzel says a search of their red Mitsubishi Eclipse found items reported stolen in the burglary.

Wetzel says deputies had contact with Nicholas Brady on Wednesday of last week at about 9:25 p.m., after a homeowner in Little Falls Township reported a suspicious car parked near the end of his driveway.  Brady told deputies that he and Haile Kifer had run out of gas.  Deputies then gave Brady a ride into town.

On Sunday the Sheriff's office received a call of a burglary at the home of Richard Johnson.  He had been out of town for over a week and an acquaintance discovered the break-in.  Johnson reported a number of items were missing from the home including several bottles of prescription medication.

Johnson says he returned from a trip to Spain on Sunday to find his house ransacked.

He says in addition to the prescriptions, foreign coins and pennies were taken. He says the friend who was watching his house had been there last Wednesday, and everything was fine.

Deputies discovered the bottles of pills in Brady's car.