ST. CLOUD - St. Cloud State student government revealed that students passed the activity referendum that would continue to allow a portion of student fees to pay for the athletic department.

The referendum was part of the fall elections, which were held on December 2nd through the 4th. 1,794 total ballots were cast during the voting. The first question on the activity fee referendum asked if students wanted to renew the fee, that passed with 77 percent in favor. The second question asked if the fee should come to a renewal vote in 2018, this did not pass.

The results came a week later than expected due to an investigation. Controversy developed when former Student Government member Courtney Downing revealed there were concerns of student-athletes who were apparently campaigning within 50 feet of the polling place. Downing also revealed she was removed as election chair by student government President Eric Peterson after the controversy with the voting. Downing said her removal went against the student government constitution and that the fall election results needed to be reviewed carefully.

However, after presenting the fall election results, Peterson says he's confident they're the right thing to do for the student body.

The election results will be reviewed by the student government judicial committee in 2014.