ST. CLOUD -- St. Cloud State University has reached 99 percent of it's fundraising goal for their Unleash the Future campaign.

The campaign started in January of 2018 and aims to raise money for SCSU. Matt Andrew is the Vice President of University Advancement.

He says as of October, they had reached $31.6 million of their $32 million goal.

We started January First 2018, and we did a five year period to create energy and interest around a set of institutional priorities. And, we set a goal that we drew out a feasibility study. And then, we work within our donor community to secure gifts for that.

The money goes to improving the university's campus and programs, including scholarships.

Andrew says SCSU's alumni have donated a significant part of that money.

We touch a lot of live through the alumni we graduate, and I think the alumni recognize and want to strengthen that, and so it's why they choose us to be a priority for them.


There are still 14 months left in the campaign, so they are ahead of schedule.

Andrew says they are planning an even more ambitious campaign for some time in the mid 2020's.

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