SAUK RAPIDS -- With the announcement Sauk Rapids-Rice will return to in-person learning this fall, school officials remain dedicated to making sure the return to school is done in a safe and secure manner.

Superintendent Brad Bergstrom says they are going to take an ease-in approach to help give students and faculty some time to adjust.

Just like we do with our 6th and 9th graders, when they transition to a new building we didn't bring everyone back at the same time. We brought those new students in the building to understand how the process works, and then we start to go bring the other students back.

Bergstrom says they will continue to follow the ever-changing health guidelines and practices to keep student safety at the forefront.

We think we know the rules, and then we find out there is some additional information and we have to adjust. We know it's going to be evolving over time but we just want to make sure we are following the expectations at that moment in time, so we can keep all our staff and kids as safe as possible.

He says specific reopening plans for each grade level will be up to the building administrators based on several factors.

Bergstrom says in order to make this model successful it's going to take a community effort so students don't have to keep bouncing from different learning models the entire school year.

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