SAUK RAPIDS -- Sauk Rapids is considering selling some of the city's athletic fields to the Sauk Rapids-Rice school district for a dollar.

When the land for the new high school was bought nearly 20 years ago the city also bought land for future ball fields and a city park. That land became Mayhew Creek Park and the adjacent athletic complex.

Community Development Director Todd Schultz says while the city owns the fields and is responsible for their maintenance they are primarily used by the school district.

The idea was that it was going to be used for ball fields, and it really is for the most part used by the school.  Most people believe that it's owned by the school.  The city has participated in maintenance.  And, in terms of improvements out there and taking care of it, from the city's point of view it would just be easier if we gave it to the school.

The district also recently came to the city with plans that would include future tennis courts, track and field improvements, and a football field on this property that is owned by the city. Schultz says selling the land to the district would eliminate the need for them to come to the city for approval of changes.

During Monday night's Planning Commission meeting, they will consider the proposal. Per state law, anytime a city sells property there needs to be a finding that the sale is consistent with city plans.

This land sale for one dollar does not include Mayhew Creek Park, which will remain a city park.