SARTELL -- While it's still early on into the school year, the Sartell-St. Stephen school district is giving struggling students the opportunity to get back on track to graduate.

Sartell High School is launching a new Night School program to help 9th-12th grade students who have failed some of their core classes.

Principal Sascha Hansen says the adjustment to high school can be a struggle, even when not in distance learning, and they wanted to give students an opportunity to earn some credit back.

All kids learn different, we can't have the same prescription for all students, we what to be as flexible as we can and not have kids lose hope. We wanted to provide as many opportunities for kids to be able to get back on the right page.

Hansen says students will be able to move through the course work at their own pace. She says courses will be student-centered based on what they need.

Teachers will help identifying the priority standards they didn't master and the independent study kids will focus on that until mastery. Let's say if you're someone who only got 12% in the class, then we will put you in a night school where you have to redo the entire class.

The program will be offered Tuesday and Thursday afternoon's and enrollment into the program is optional.

Hansen says the program will begin in a distance learning model, but they do have to ability to meet in person on a limited basis if students need more help.

The school district hopes to start the program December 1st.

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