SARTELL -- Just a year-and-a-half in operation and the Sartell Community Center is exceeding expectations.

City Administrator Mary Degiovanni says revenues were almost 140% of the first year budget, while expenses came in line with projections. She says their goal in year two is to close the gap in making the community center self-funded.

What we originally budgeted was about $100,000 in revenue and $300,000 in expenses. We kept a flat tax rate through that planning but knew we be funding that $200,000. So when we are at $40,000 on the revenue side and $20,000 on the expense side we are making a big hit at that gap.

One way to help close that gap is working with the school district. During Monday's council meeting, the council will look to enter an agreement with the school district to operate and manage the facility.

We brought ProFields on board with them knowing our long term goal was a partnership with the school. They've done a great job getting us up and running but we are now ready to make this switch. By having the school manage and staff the community makes all the sense in the world.

The move will save the city an additional $20,000 in the first full year following the management switch.

If approve the school district would begin working with ProField learning the ropes starting in March with hopes of fully taking over operations in May.

The Sartell Community Center opened in October 2017.