SARTELL -- A Sartell band is celebrating their completion of their first album with a bang this weekend.

Guytano, a Sartell based alternative-rock band is having an album release party at Sartell-St. Stephen High School, Saturday at 7:00 p.m.

The album "I am Inside My Body" was released Friday.

Album Cover (Photo: Grant Hamilton)
Album Cover (Photo: Grant Hamilton)

Grant Hamilton is the lead singer, song-writer, pianist and guitarist in the four person band he says the band was formed about seven-years ago. They started with just covers but soon after forming Hamilton decided to start writing his own songs for the band.

The alternative band sites Snow Patrol, The Killers and Coldplay as its major influences. Hamilton says it's not always about the music of other bands when seeking inspiration to write.

"A lot influences me, it's not even always music, when I like a band I usually listen to all of their songs and then I find out more about them, watch interviews and actually that kind of fuels the fire."

Hamilton says the goal of the album release party is meet fans and introduce their new music.

"Basically we are trying to get as many people there as possible, and just trying to promote our music and build relationships with these future fans or fans that we can have for however long this band goes. If it ends tomorrow or if it ends in 15 years. [We hope] to make some great connections with people and hope they like the music."

You can check out Guytano's website to view upcoming shows and listen to new releases.