SARTELL -- A Sartell 8th-grader has been given one of two Prudential Spirit of Community Awards in Minnesota.

14-year-old Michael Heim collected a truck-full of paper products like diapers, paper towels and toilet paper for the Anna Marie's battered women's shelter.

Hheim says he got the idea through a trip to China through the "People to People" program.

Heim enlisted the help of his classmates and collected 300 rolls of toilet paper, 100 boxes of tissues, 176 rolls of paper towels, six boxes of diapers, 80 packages of napkins and 25 packages of baby wipes.

For his efforts, Heim received an engraved silver medallion, $1,000 in cash and a trip to Washington D.C. this spring. He also has a shot at being named one of 10 of America's Top Youth Volunteers for 2012.