ST. CLOUD -- As people hunker down during the below zero temperatures, the Salvation Army has opened their doors for anyone seeking shelter.

Major Mike Parker says they are just one of a few places seeing an increase in foot traffic.

We've seen people coming in and we are also aware Place of Hope is also seeing more people than normal as I understand it. So we're just trying provide places where people can come and be safe.

Parker says they've been providing warm meals, entertainment and company to anyone needing to escape the cold.

He says while the shelter is full, they are still making room for others.

We will be using our dining room, we'll have blankets we will put in there. It's not ideal for sleeping conditions but it's better than being outside in the cold or in your car.

Parker says the shelter will be open all night and you can enter through Door 2. He says if anyone has extra blankets they are willing to donate, they will gladly accept them.

The Salvation Army is located off of Highway 10 in East St. Cloud.

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