ST. CLOUD - Last week we told you about Tiga Stevenson, a local woman attempting to set the world record for the longest amount of time ringing the Salvation Army's Red Kettle bell.

Now, while Stevenson didn't break the WORLD record, she did meet her personal goal of 36 hours by ringing for a total of 36 hours and 1 minute. This time places her roughly 12th of 23 record-attempting bell ringers around the country, and sets the record here in Minnesota.

During her time ringing, Stevenson was not allowed to eat or drink caffeinated beverages, and was only allowed 10 minute breaks every four hours.

All told, Stevenson raised $3,400 for the Salvation Army.

On another note - impressed by her efforts, the Coborn's on Cooper Avenue offered Stevenson a job at the store after the contest wrapped up.