ST. CLOUD -- A woman who's dedicated her adult life to helping kids is WJON's Rush Hour's newest Rookie of the Week.

Tabatha Notsch is a recruitment and volunteer coordinator with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Minnesota. She's the one who finds people to help the mission of the Boys and Girls Clubs.

Notsch says the Boys and Girls Clubs and their mission were a natural fit for her.

"They're helping the kids who need us most and just doing everything they can to be a support system and make an impact on kids' lives."

She says she's loved almost every minute of her just over six months on the job, from her team of co-workers to the kids they serve.

"I love getting out to the sites, seeing the kids and hanging out with them for a little while. I had a background in working with kids for about five years before getting started here so I like getting back to that a little."

Notsch says getting the clubs out more and giving them a larger presence in order to get more volunteers is a big goal of hers moving forward. She says right now they're looking for a program manager and plenty of part-time help.

As for anyone looking into the field of non-profits, she has simple advice.

"Follow your gut. Something about it told me that this was the path I needed to take, and I don't regret anything since doing it."

Each week Rush Hour hosts Chrissy Gaetke and Richard Leguil take a look at someone who's a "rookie" in their field, where they're from, what they're doing and what advice they have for others considering the career choice.

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