COLD SPRING - A member of the ROCORI school board resigned his position during last (Monday) night's meeting.  Eric Leither says personal and business conditions have changed for him, and he won't be able to stay on the board.  Superintendent Scott Staska says he will remain on the board for the rest of this calendar year.

The district will hold an election to fill the remaining two years of his term during the general election in November.

ROCORI also has three open seats for four-year terms on the ballot in November.

The ROCORI school board is also considering putting an operating referendum on the November ballot.  It would be to renew the current referendum for 10-years.  They have two-years remaining on the referendum, but are considering whether to put it on the ballot this year, because they're not scheduled to have an election next year.  They'll need to make a decision by August 13th.