COLD SPRING -- Almost everyone deals with bullying at one point in their life, and a group of ROCORI Middle Schoolers have done something to support a young child being bullied over a genetic condition.

Seven-year-old Jackson Bezzant of Ammon, Idaho is a victim of bullying because of a very rare condition called Treacher Collins Syndrome. Treacher Collins is a genetic disease that affects the development of bones and other facial tissue.

Jessica Rennecke is an English Teacher at ROCORI Middle School whose students were the ones who sent the care package to Bezzant.

She says the idea to send the letters came because of a book, "Wonder" they were reading in class, whose main character also has Treacher Collins.

"I was on Facebook and it was a post someone had shared, and I read about it and I thought it really, not only fit what we were learning about in class but a great opportunity for the students to reach out."

Rennecke says, she knew her students would do a great job helping Bezzant.

"I know middle-schoolers are pretty amazing kids. They can be really kind and can teach people a lot. So I knew they'd have some great advice and words of wisdom to this young man who was only seven."

She adds the students were all very excited to show their support for Bezzant, and are proud of themselves for their actions.

The students sent over 20 letters to Bezzant, and other items like candy and a ROCORI draw-string bag.

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