COLD SPRING -- Saddled with the unexpected task of finding an acting superintendent, the ROCORI School Board is acting as quickly as they can.

Since the arrest last week of long-time superintendent Scott Staska, the district has been searching for an acting superintendent, to lead while Staska's case is under investigation. He's been placed on paid administrative leave in the meantime.

Since Staska's arrest, the board has been working with the Minnesota School Boards Association to find candidates to fill-in. Narrowing the long list provided to them is the job of board member Sunny Hesse.

Hesse will work with MSBA over the next few days to narrow the list to 1-3 people, with all identifiable information withheld, so they can avoid a sense of "competitiveness". Hesse will present the candidates at a meeting Thursday at 6:30 p.m.

The board hopes to finish the process with a final candidate at a meeting tentatively planned for Monday.

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