RICE - The students at Rice Elementary invited local veterans to their school Friday afternoon to thank them for their service.

Students and faculty honored each veteran, one at a time during the service.

Sue Paasch is the Principal at Rice Elementary. She says the event is a great chance for her students to learn about the heroes in their community.

"Veterans Day is something I think that gets overlooked a little bit. So all over the Sauk Rapids-Rice School District, we have made a point of celebrating it. This is my first year at Rice (Elementary) but what a huge turn out. The kids get to learn about Veterans Day and it gives the vets a chance to be recognized for their hard work and their service."

Students led the assembly from beginning to end and gave the veterans a gift before they left.

Paasch says that one moment in particular really stood out to her from the event.

"It absolutely brings tears to my eyes everytime they sing (God Bless The U.S.A.). The kids love it and more than anything I think they get the meaning of it. I really do get choked up every time because it really is fabulous."

The students at the school also started a service project to buy warm socks for veterans. The students were able to bring in around 160 pairs of socks to be donated to the St. Cloud VA Medical Center.

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