UNDATED - There was a lot of discussion this (Tuesday) morning on Two-Cent Tuesday on WJON about the state's Amendment Questions.  The big question was, "what happens if you choose not to mark yes or no on the questions, does it count as a "no" vote?"

The WJON news department contacted the Minnesota Secretary of State's office for the answer.

The short answer is this, if you fail to answer the amendment questions it will basically be counted as a "no" vote.  Here's the reason why, there's need to be a majority of the people who vote in order for a change to be made to the state's constitution.  In other words, there has to be more "yes" votes than the combination of "no" votes and none votes together.

WJON News will be interviewing Secretary of State Mark Ritchie tomorrow (Wednesday), we'll talk more about this issue, and other issues, concerning the upcoming general election.