COLD SPRING - Tomorrow's (Wednesday) funeral for Cold Spring officer Tom Decker is expected to be one of the largest funerals ever held in Central Minnesota.  As many as 3,000 people are expected to pack the St. John's Abbey and University Church - as well as two other venues on campus.

Department of Public Safety spokesman Doug Neville says it's quite a logistical effort.

Neville says members of the Law Enforcement Memorial Association has been working closely with the Decker family.  They also have to work closely with St. John's University.  Neville says every detail of tomorrow's funeral has been planned down to the minute.

St. John's spokesman Michael Hemmesch says the University has never held an event like this before.

Hemmesch says, because classes are still in session, they've been working with their facility and students to free up parking space for funeral attendees.  He says when they were asked to host the funeral mass they didn't hesitate to say yes.