ST. CLOUD - Over a quarter of all Americans making New Year's resolutions would like to quit smoking or using tobacco.

CentraCare Tobacco Treatment Specialist Kellie Irlbeck has a few suggestions as you start 2018 with the goal of kicking your tobacco habit.

"Once you have made up your mind to quit tobacco you should set a quit date and put it on your calendar."

Setting a date and writing down will help you keep yourself accountable.

"Set a quit date so you can give yourself enough time to build up your confidence and prepare yourself for quitting. Make sure not to set it too far out where you get discouraged and change your mind."

Irbeck says a great way to prep yourself for quitting is learning more about your habits.

"Before your quit date be more mindful of your daily routine. We all have routines and it is important to establish new habits when you're trying to quit."

Quitting smoking and using tobacco is different for everyone. Some people can quit cold turkey, while others may need additional resources to help kick the habit.

Irbeck says if you have made the choice to quit, there are ways to help you.

"What works for somebody else may not work for you. It's good to talk to people for support and interact with people who have gone through it. Make sure you don't get discouraged and know you can break the habit."

Nicotine gum, patches, lozenges and nasal spray are just a few of the nicotine replacement therapies out there. Irbeck says to make sure you speak to your doctor before starting any medications to help quit smoking.

For those looking for additional support to help quit smoking, Centracare has extra resources to help you.

"We have a group program that focuses on learning more about what nicotine addiction is and how it affects your body. We talk about medications and relapse therapy. It's just really nice to have people there supporting you who are going through similar things."

If you or someone you know are looking for additional help kicking the habit in 2018 follow the link below for information on what CentraCare offers to help you.


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