SARTELL -- The Sartell - St. Stephen School District's new high school is starting to take shape as the walls are starting to rise on the site.

The $89.5-million school is being built to house a new generation of students as the district is in need of a new space. Superintendent Jeff Schwiebert says they're excited to see the building start to take shape.

"I like showing it off, it's going to be a great space, and you really can start to feel it's going to happen. We talk about it all on the flat piece of paper and say 'well we think this is gonna happen'. But now it's happening so it's great to be at this point."

The school will feature learning neighborhoods and a main corridor that will incorporate every area of the building into each other. Schwiebert says the new building will ensure the next generation of Sartell - St. Stephen students is ensured a great education.

"It gives us more space, allows us to do things in a much more flexible manner than what we were able to do in a much more compacted area. So we're really excited about that. The things that it's going to do for our kids, the next generation of learners, it's really fun to be talking about."

The school is still on track to be opened in the fall of 2019. Once that happens, the current high school will become a middle school, and the middle school will be shifted to an intermediate school.

The new high school will be 290,000 square feet.

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