I know that there are several coffee shops, chicken fast food restaurants, and banks popping up all over the St. Cloud area.  Some people are complaining about the trend of the "same types of businesses" and nothing new in the area.  Personally, I think this is a great add.  Especially in the downtown area.

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The great thing about this spot is that it's a drive through.  The other coffee shop, that is located about a block or so away from this location, which is where the former downtown Perkins was, is an inside service only.  This will be nice for people going to work, or on a break, etc.  Drive through, get your coffee fix and be on your way.  The only other Starbucks drive through is located on Division near TJ Maxx, and that one is always busy. This new location may alleviate some of the congestion at that location.

I know people will still say that we should have a local business there or something along those lines. Take into consideration that if someone that was local wanted to buy that spot, they could have.  I think we can all agree that local businesses would be optimal, but that isn't always who purchases the spot.

Anyway, as reported earlier in December, this Starbucks location is set to open in 2 weeks on February 3rd.

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