Every year for my son's birthday, I get a custom baseball card made with a current picture and a short bio on the back. I give them to our family at Christmas in place of a traditional card.

Each card features a soft baseball I bought Charlie at the gift shop at St. Cloud Hospital on the day he was born. It's amazing to see the size of the baseball in his hands on the first card compared to how small it looks in the third card.

The first card says "Son of Dave and Ashli... Born October 16th, 2017 at 12:49 a.m....6 lbs, 5.2 oz... enjoys eating, sleeping and grunting... pet peeve is hiccups... prized possession is blue blankie.

The second one reads "2018 was a successful rookie season for Charlie with many milestones reached. He got a lot of teeth, learned how to walk and says 'da-da.' This summer, Charlie visited Wrigley Field with mom and dad and spent a lot of time in the wading pool. He still loves his blue blankie.

The third card says "Charlie turned two in 2019 and is obsessed with all things dinosaurs. In his spare time he likes to play with cars, throw baseballs and footballs, sing and dance. His favorite foods include, well, not much at this point."

Yes, I know it's corny, but he's only two and really doesn't know how to be embarrassed yet. Maybe when he gets older he will hate baseball and ask me to discontinue the series.

MN Twins On Cameo

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