The snow plows have had a busy start to the winter season, and the Minnesota Department of Transportation is reminding motorists to be aware of, and stay out of snow plow blind spots.

**Be patient. Stay back. Stay safe! **Remember, our snowplow drivers are working to improve road conditions for you.
A snow plow's blind spots are pretty much anything behind the driver. Directly behind, to the left, and behind the blade on the right. It's so important to give them plenty of room to do their job.
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MnDot also shared these helpful reminders when it comes to winter driving:
  • Slow down to a safe speed.
  • Stay alert for plows that plow at slow speeds, turn or exit frequently and may travel over centerlines or partially in traffic.
  • Stay back at least 10 car lengths behind the plow. Don’t drive into a snow cloud.
  • Turn on your headlights and wear your seat belt.
  • Turn off the cruise control.
  • Don't drive distracted.

We all know just how bad it can get on roads this time of year, and add in the hustle and bustle of the holidays and it can be a recipe for disaster. Take your time, arriving a little late to an engagement is far better than getting in an accident.

Remember you can always find current road conditions and see plow cams online at 

MN Dept. of Transportation via Facebook
MN Dept. of Transportation via Facebook

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