You've probably heard a lot about the flu in the office this season, and rightly so. There have been a couple of high profile deaths already and the number of people hospitalized with laboratory-confirmed influenza is climbing rapidly.

Monday morning Pete & Doug from The Midday Show on WJON, spoke with Kris Ehresmann, the Director of the Infectious Disease Division at the MN Department of Health about the sudden increase in reported flu cases, prevention and why this year is expected to be one of the worst.

Kris explained that this year's strain has been quick to run through the state. Each week her division publishes a report on the number of Minnesotans that have been hospitalized with laboratory-confirmed influenza, and the deaths from the virus. She said that as of the last report, issued Thursday (1/10/13) 1121 are hospitalized, which actually exceeds the total number of reported cases for some years prior. The death toll has risen to 27, but she added that most of the deaths are high-risk people and that most victims are older that 60. She did say there have been a few high profile deaths that illustrate the fact that everyone should get a flu shot and take as many preventative measures as possible. Ehresmann drove home the fact that the flu shouldn't be taken lightly.

Listen to the entire interview from The Midday Show on WJON below.