ST. PAUL - The Minnesota Historical Society is rolling out its World War One exhibit in connection with the 100th anniversary of the United States entering WWI.

The US entered "The Great War" on April 6th, 1917.

Starting Saturday the historical society will open its exhibit Saturday at 10:00 a.m. The exhibit can help modern Americans understand the turbulent times around WWI, and help us understand where we are going as a nation.

Brian Horrigan is the curator of the new exhibit. Horrigan says the war effected America on and off the battlefield.

"This is an exhibit that is about the country during the war and everything that was affected by the war. Everything from women's suffrage, and prohibition, influenza epidemic and African-American migration."

Horrigan also says it has been a privilege to read and learn about so many of the people who impacted the world during The Great War.

One of the displays will feature the actual bowl used during the first United States Selective Service Draft, July 20, 1917.

The event is open to everyone. Tickets are  $12.00 for adults, $10.00 for students and seniors, $6.00 for children ages 5-17 while children 4 and under get in free. The exhibit starts April 8th and goes until September 4th, 2017.

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