The Minnesota Historical Society recently acquired a Confederate shirt used to bind the wound of a Minnesota soldier and recently received a donation of a US Cavalry uniform worn by Grover Cleveland Cooper in 1906 when he was stationed at Fort Snelling.   These two items will be on display at Fort Snelling in St. Paul in the coming years.  The Minnesota Historical Society released this story behind the confederate shirt.

On the second day of the Battle of Nashville, Dec. 16, 1865, Henry L. Mills, a sergeant in the 7th Minnesota Volunteer Infantry was shot in the leg. In an effort to staunch the bleeding Mills grabbed this shirt from a fallen Confederate soldier. The shirt remains stained from Mills’ blood. Mills mustered out at Fort Snelling, returning to St. Paul where he recovered and lived to age 92. 

Grover Cleveland Cooper was born in Virginia but spent many years stationed at Fort Snelling.  He was a member of the Bareback Squadron which performed horse riding showmanship.  Learn more about these items here.

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