MINNEAPOLIS -- A Minneapolis woman will make her television debut Tuesday on one of the Food Network's hit shows.

Janene Holig, will be one of the chefs on the show "Chopped". The show features four chefs, competing in three different rounds until one is left standing.

Holig, who is originally from Swanville, says landing on the show was just a lucky accident.

Food Network called me, they read some things my company had been doing out at the Minnesota State Fair. So they called the restaurant.

She says the show presented many challenges for her, especially from the ingredients she had to use in each dish, however she learned a lot from the judges critiques.

I did take some lesson from them (the judges) on preparations and stuff. It's just such a good experience and you get more confidence in yourself.

Holig is the Executive Chef for a restaurant in Minneapolis called Hot Indian Foods.


She says she will be watching the show with some friends down in Minneapolis, and here hometown will also be having a viewing part at Lucky's Saloon.

Holig's episode of Chopped will air starting at 8:00 p.m.