UNDATED - Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton says he is willing to call a special session of the Legislature within the next three days if Republicans agree to his budget offer.

Republican State Representative Steve Gottwalt of St. Cloud is reacting to the latest news from Governor Mark Dayton.  He says it's a good sign.

And, as for Governor Dayton's condition there be a $500 million bonding bill, Gottwalt says he's open to the idea.

Republican State Representative Tim O'Driscoll of Sartell says he's cautiously optimistic about today's (Thursday) news.

O'Driscoll says he'll also want to know exactly what Governor Dayton wants in a bonding bill before he would agree to spending $500 million.

The St. Cloud Metro area's only Democratic state lawmaker is less than thrilled with the proposal to end the state government shutdown.  Representative Larry Hosch of St. Joseph says that while he understands why Governor Dayton is willing to take the Republican offer, it won't solve any long term budget problems.

However, Hosch says he is happy to hear the Governor wants policy issues taken out of the negotiations.

The shutdown has closed state parks and rest stops, prevented many from getting licenses they need to launch careers or move ahead with businesses, and cut off funding streams to countless programs. It has cost the state millions in lost revenue.