UNDATED -- It's likely the Minnesota State Legislature will be called into a special session on Friday. However, how much work gets done right off the bat remains to be seen.

Only the Governor can call a special session and the legislature must convene, but there's nothing requiring them to stay in special session, they could adjourn immediately.

Republican State Representative Tim O'Driscoll of Sartell says he expects the real work to happen later this summer.

But most likely what will happen is he will call a special session, we will convene and then we will adjourn for the day, and then we will schedule the legislature to come back at another date maybe later this summer.

The reason why the Governor needs the special session to start Friday, instead of waiting, is because his emergency powers related to COVID-19 are set to expire on Friday and the State Legislature needs to be in session in order for him to be able to extend the powers another 30 days.

Both the Senate and the House need to be given the change to say yes or no to the extension.  The Democratic-led House is expected to approve the Governor's request for another 30-day extension.  O'Driscoll says he believes the least political way is for the powers to end on Friday and to keep the legislature in session to work on issues that need to be addressed.

When the State Legislature does get down to business they have a number of items they'll need to tackle including more relief from COVID-19, a response to the recent protests and violence, and consider passing a bonding bill.

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