ST. PAUL -- State lawmakers are heading back to the Capitol Monday. Representative Tim O'Driscoll of Sartell says the House and Senate have not met since Friday in order to reassess the COVID-19 situation.

He says the legislators have the ability to take breaks during the session, when necessary, but they likely won't adjourn early.

We will most likely as a legislature not go in and adjourn for the session and be done, because we have until May 18th.  What that does is it puts all authority and power in the hands of the governor.  He would then be in control of calling a special session, if necessary.

O'Driscoll says since Wednesday last week the coronavirus is about the only topic they've dealt with at the Capitol.

He says the legislature has not overreacted and there's lots of bipartisan support.

He says he is expecting that they'll have to spend more money fighting the coronavirus than the initial $21 million that they have allocated so far.

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