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CLEAR LAKE -- Bob Leaders has always had a passion for flying, which eventually led to having his own airport on his farm.

The 80-year-old Leaders uses his airport mainly as a flight training facility and repair shop. He says that while he enjoys flying he much rather work on the planes.

"Now I just as well work on them (planes) then fly them."

Leaders currently has around 40 planes himself that he and his sons fly and maintain. But little did he know his small airfield would have big connections.

"A couple years ago a few people stopped by one day asking if they could look around cause they were thinking of making a movie."

What Leaders thought was going to be a home movie turned out to be Disney Pixar's new movie 'Planes.'

Leaders found out about his tie in to the movie when a representative from the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association told him of the article that connected his airfield to the story.

"She told me of this magazine and I asked her to send me a copy and that's when we found out about it."

However, the tie in to the movie wasn't his planes but instead a old green truck, which inspired the character Chug in the movie.

"It really didn't have anything to do with us, just those trucks I think."

Leaders has seen the movie with his grandchildren and says that his green truck can be seen throughout the movie.


Planes wait in the hanger. (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON News)
Planes wait in the hanger. (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON News)