It was a really awesome experience. I got to meet a lot of cool people.

LITTLE FALLS - Little Falls native Levi Pelzer has just gotten back from recording his first album in Nashville Tennessee. He started writing songs about a year ago. When his songs started gaining popularity he thought it was a great time to make a CD.

"I contacted a producer from Minneapolis, and he called me and told me I had to go to Nashville, and I didn't think anything of it, but the next day I got a call from a producer in Nashville. What happened was the producer from Minneapolis sent my stuff to him. He called me the next day, and decided he wanted to work with me," says Pelzer.

That call, from producer Jason Perri, came in back in November. Pelzer just finished up recording in January at the OmniSound Studios in downtown Nashville.

It’s been around forever. Charlie Prior recorded there, Travis Tritt recorded there, even Taylor Swift and Luke Bryon recorded there. I mean just tons and tons of different artists have recorded there.

Photo Courtesy: Levi Pelzer

Pelzer says he always had an album in mind, but never thought he would be able to work with the studio recording professionals in Nashville. He says music puts him in a comfort zone, so he wasn't nervous playing with them.

"Everybody was just really, really cool to work with," says Pelzer, "It was really cool because we got to hang out in the studio, and we were hanging out like we went to high school together. These are people that I've looked up to, and that have played with these stars, and they’re treating me like just a normal guy."


His new album is country based with Pelzer playing guitar, and singing lead vocals.

It’s pretty modern. I’m mainly a guitar player, I’m a guitar player first before I’m a singer, so it’s very guitar driven, and there’s a lot of cool fun guitar parts for me in there.

Pelzer will be releasing his first single on February 27th available on iTunes and digital download. His full CD will be available later this year. Pelzer says a release party is scheduled for June 26th at the Pioneer Place in St. Cloud. Even with all of this exciting news, he is still looking towards the future.

He says, "The next step is to just keep moving forward, keep climbing up the ladder. There’s always somebody better than you, there’s always somebody bigger than you, and it’s always trying to constantly trying to get to the next level."

You can also see Pelzer in action with his band LOSS4WORDS, which plays around the area.

Photo Courtesy: Levi Pelzer