ST. CLOUD -- This is moving weekend for Liberty Bank Minnesota. Friday is the last day their headquarters will be in their original downtown St. Cloud location.

President and CEO Mark Bragelman says he's been walking into that building for the past 42 years. He says Liberty got it's start there during the depression.

The tall part of that building was Liberty Finance which began in 1933.  At the same time so did Jack Frost -- Jack Frost eventually became Gold 'N Plump.  And that started in that building.

Bragelman says they began by financing chicken barns to area farmers in one part of the building, and at the same time they were hatching baby chickens in another area.

Liberty Bank Minnesota's new headquarters is on 2nd Street South in St. Cloud. It opens at 8:00 a.m. Monday.

He says their new building will be double the size, plus they also bought the adjacent strip mall for future expansions. Bragelman says one of the spaces he's the proudest of is the new community room called "The Vault".

We are going to make that room available to community groups on a regular basis to have their monthly meetings whether it's during the day or in the evenings. What we've done with that room is we've taken all of our memorabilia -- 31 years of Block Parties -- it's all in there.

The memorabilia includes an outfit worn by Tanya Tucker and a fiddle from Charlie Daniels.

Liberty Bank Minnesota, photo by's Jim Maurice
Liberty Bank Minnesota, photo by's Jim Maurice

The keys to the downtown building will be turned over to the Great River Children's Exploratorium in early December. Bragelman says he's excited for it to become a children's museum.

You have an area of downtown now that will have a children's museum, the Paramount with GREAT Theatre doing what they do, and the library.  All of a sudden you're starting to formulate a pretty cool arts district.

Fundraising and planning for that project will continue into the new year.

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