ST. PAUL -- St. Cloud Airport could be getting some help from the state legislature if a bill sponsored by Senator John Pederson and State Representative Tama Theis passes this session.

Pederson says it would provide $500,000 for an airport optimization study. It would be used to create a regional airport authority and develop funding support from outside of St. Cloud.  Other airports like Duluth and Rochester get funding from outside counties and cities and Pederson thinks St. Cloud should too.

He says St. Cloud Regional Airport is an untapped transportation resource right now.  With congestion continuing to grow at Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport, Pederson says St. Cloud is viewed as an airport to alleviate some of that air traffic.

An added benefit would be that the study could be used by other airports to improve the efficiency and maximize the airports in those communities.

Pederson says the bill has made its way into the Senate Finance Transportation bill and is also still alive in the Minnesota House.