St. Cloud Mayor Dave Kleis joined me on WJON today.  He says he's proud of how law enforcement handled the protests and unrest in the city earlier this week.  He says he and police chief Blair Anderson are in constant contact and feels communication is key not only with city officials but with community members and city officials.  Mayor Kleis says the city and law enforcement is always willing to talk with people in the community.  Listen to my 2-part conversation with Mayor Kleis below.



Mayor Kleis addressed the "unlawful assembly" that took play early Monday and early Tuesday morning and how law enforcement handled those situations.  He says warnings were given before tear gas was dispersed when some in the crowd engaged in criminal activity.  Mayor Kleis says calling in the National Guard to help with the crowd was never discussed and the Governor is the only one who can command the guard.  Mayor Kleis said he would have needed to ask for that help but it wasn't needed.  The St. Cloud police department did receive help from surrounding area law enforcement.

Mayor Kleis indicated that he is doing curbside town halls currently due to Covid-19 and individuals looking to set one up should contact his office.  Mayor Kleis says we are still not done with the pandemic.

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