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ST. CLOUD - Formed in 1968, the St. Cloud Area Singing Saints Barbershop Chorus has become well known in the area, featuring their booming and stunning sound at local events.

Barbershop music is a chromatic four-part harmony sung by four voices. Club president Tom Veitch says the sound is also unique in that it features no band or background music.

"It's never accompanied by instruments, in my mind-that is the most impactful choral singing that you can experience, when human voices combine to create chords," Veitch says.

There are four different parts in a barbershop quartet-the bass (the lowest), baritone, lead and tenor (the highest). Veitch says the club works every week as a team to perfect their sound.

"We get a deep satisfaction out of it, just to come to rehearsal can be as fun and rewarding as a performance-the teamwork builds from the fact that we just come here and really love what we do," Veitch says.

The club is also constantly working to find new songs to perform to local audiences. The group has 20 members, but is always looking to find more. Veitch says being able to perform in front of the community is always an exciting opportunity.

"We get to perform our hobby for our local community, and it's extremely rewarding."

Anyone interested in joining the group can attend the clubs weekly meetings at the St. Cloud Atonement Lutheran Church on Tuesday nights at 7:00 p.m. You can also find more information on the group on their Facebook page.


Dan DeBaun, WJON News
Dan DeBaun, WJON News

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