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WAITE PARK - Whether it's aliens, Bigfoot, ghosts, crop circles or UFOs -- there's no shortage of paranormal topics that fascinate.

Formed in 2007, the Lakes Area Paranormal Interest Group prides itself with studying these mysteries.

The group meets every other month and discusses all things paranormal.  Lorna Hunter is the club president and says she has always been interested in mysteries.

"With most of us it started when we were very young, I was always interested in science, archeology and mysteries and things that couldn't be solved," Hunter says

During their latest meeting, the club discussed UFO sightings and a newly released Bigfoot sighting video on the internet.

"I think it's a guy in a bigfoot suit but we're going to look at that, have some discussion and see what everyone thinks," Hunter says

The group also focuses on local areas of interest. Members say many people aren't aware that the Monticello Nuclear Plant area is a popular location for UFO sightings. Hunter says many group members also claim to have had a paranormal experience and enjoy sharing it with the group.

One of Hunter’s favorite local paranormal stories was a man who claims he saw a UFO and aliens in Long Prairie in 1965. The story claims the man's car engine stopped working when he saw a large rocket about 40-feet-tall. He then saw three "tin can shaped" aliens before they disappeared on their spaceship.

"These three little tin can looking aliens came out of a rocket and he was scared to death, Hunter says, "He came racing to the Sheriff's Office-they went back there and saw nothing but a few marks on the road."

The story was featured in "Project Blue Book"-part of a series of famous studies by the United States Air Force on UFOs.

No matter the story or topic, Hunter says the group is drawn together with their desire to share and solve mysteries.

"It holds your interest because you don't get answers-there should be answers but science just can't figure it out, I guess we're probably just a bunch of science nerds," Hunter says.

Anyone is invited to take part and attend the Lakes Area Paranormal Interest Group meetings, which are held on the first Monday of every other month. The meetings are held at the Waite Park American Legion and are $4 to attend. For more, you can visit their website.


Lorna Hunter before the Lakes Area Paranormal Interest Group meeting. (Dan DeBaun, WJON)
Lorna Hunter before the Lakes Area Paranormal Interest Group meeting. (Dan DeBaun, WJON)

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