ST. CLOUD - There’s a story behind every picture for the Camera Club of Central Minnesota.

Every month the group meets to share their art, memories and stories. Larry Grover is part of the club and started taking photos when he was a Boy Scout in the late 1940’s. He says members are ready any time with their cameras or cell phones to capture things that stand out.

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"I think its a human need to capture things that you see that you love," Grover says.

Grover says photography can combine scientific and artistic elements.

"It's scientific in a very artistic way, that makes it interesting."

Every group member brings something unique to the table. Some love taking photos of nature and others may prefer taking pictures of buildings and cities.

Sometimes members go out with specific goals, but Grover says some of the best photos come without any planning whatsoever.

"I have makeup times-where I go out and just make up things-sometimes it's better than when you go out knowing what you're going to do," Grover says.

The group is open to anyone willing to share their photographs and experiences.

"There's no real critiquing, some camera clubs judge and give numbers, we don't-it's just a fun time," Grover says.

The group has monthly meetings at the St. Cloud Great River Regional Library. Membership is $25 per year. For more information on how to join the Camera Club of Central Minnesota, visit their website.

-If you have a suggestion for a club to be featured in this series, contact Dan DeBaun at or 320-257-7205-

Dan DeBaun, WJON
Dan DeBaun, WJON

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