Motivational Speaker Denny Smith joined me on WJON today to talk about his seminar called "Dismantling Racism".  Smith says he focuses on self awareness and a willingness to accept people for who they are and not the color of their skin or what religion they are.  He invites people to get to know others are look different, are from a different background and may even be from a different country.  He says getting to know our neighbors can help in the dismantling of racism.


Denny Smith is a former teacher and coach who has been conducting diversity training sessions since 2010.  Goals of this seminar include identifying 8 historical events in our struggle for equality, how to lead and engage in conversations about racism, sexism and other divisive issues, how to identify and deal with microaggression, how to calmly correct racial and other discriminatory remarks, how to implement four steps to embracing  diversity and inclusion, and how to work for systemic change in education, health care, closing the achievement gap, and economic opportunity.

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