I was joined today by St. Cloud author and motivational speaker Denny Smith to talk about his book "Emotional Intelligence 101; How to Carve a Duck".  Denny has been a teacher, coach, motivational speaker and now author.  He stresses patience in dealing with others especially those who have differing opinions.  Denny says taking a deep breath and remembering to be committed to civility could go a long way to hearing and listening to others opinions.  He says that doesn't mean asserting a person's opinions isn't important in solving problems but getting into political arguments can be counterproductive.


The United States has struggled recently with a wide division of political views, has been fighting racial tension and in the past year has dealt with a very stressful time with the Covid-19 pandemic.  Smith says he grew up in a authoritative environment and looked up to many authoritative coaches and became one himself.  He says this approach closed himself off from other points of view and likely didn't solve the problems he was looking to solve.  Smith says his book takes a look at how he and others can better handle potentially volatile situations.  Smith says learning to accept others for their opinions and choices in life can put people on the right track.  The book also focuses on becoming more confident, learning to relax, achieving peace of mind and using a calm approachable tone of voice.

Learn more about Denny's book "Emotional Intelligence 101; How to Carve a Duck".

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