UNDATED - The National Weather Service has already posted a Wind Chill Warning for all of Minnesota for overnight tonight and through tomorrow (Wednesday) morning. And, that has a lot of parents wondering about what that means for school start times.

Sauk Rapids-Rice Superintendent Dan Bittman says the school districts here in central Minnesota don't have a specific temperature or wind chill reading that they use to delay or cancel classes. He says historically speaking they rely on information from the Weather Channel and the National Weather Service's wind chill chart. He says once the frostbite times get to 10 minutes they start to strongly consider delaying school. And, if the frostbite time is at five minutes, that's when school is cancelled.

Bittman says, as of right now, the temperature, wind speed, and wind chill factor at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow (Wednesday) are outside of that 10 minute frostbite range. So it's unlikely that school will be delayed tomorrow. But, he says he's already been in contact today with the superintendents of the St. Cloud and Sartell-St. Stephen school districts and they'll continue to monitor the forecast for tomorrow morning. Stay tuned!

IF things change, and there are school announcements, we'll have them on the radio and here on our website.