CLEARWATER-- For 10 years, George Simmons has been entertaining central Minnesotans with his dancing lights.

He says the tradition, now known as the Clearwater Lights Show, all started when his wife introduced him to something called Light-O-Rama.

She sent me a link to a page on the internet from Light-O-Rama, and then she said maybe we should do this. Well, it was a link with videos of people's Christmas displays and the lights were synchronized to the music. Their yards danced. Our yard sat here and looked at people, and their yards danced.

The show is making its return after Simmons took last year off for health reasons.

Every year he adds something new. This year kids can drop off their letters to Santa and each one will receive a response via mail.

The show runs every night from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve. It starts at 5:30 p.m. and ends no earlier than 9:30 p.m.

Simmons says his neighbors love it almost as much as he does.

The neighbor next door here, he and his mom and dad, would sit across the street with folding chairs. They would use sleeping bags for comforters and things like that. They would have their hot toddies in their thermos, and they would sit there for a couple hours and look at it. After a couple of weeks, he said hey you ever think about doing my yard?

There is no charge to look at the lights, just drive by and tune in your radio. However, Simmons does encourage leaving cash donations for the Clearwater Food Shelf.


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