ST. CLOUD -- Swollen rivers and high water levels are creating one big benefit for the city of St. Cloud. The St. Cloud Hydroelectric Plant is running at full capacity.

The plant normally sees about 5-thousand cubic feet travel through the plant per second but it is at 10-thousand cubic feet per second now.

Plant Supervisor Daryl Stang says it means they are running at full capacity when they normally start scaling back the turbines because of lower river flows this time of year.

Public Facilities Director Pat Shea says last year was an extremely good year with about $2.5-million in revenue. He says we are about $180-thousand ahead of last year's pace.

The city uses the revenue from selling the electricity to pay off the plant's loan, operate the plant and last year contributed $300-thousand to the city's general fund.

Shea says it's not a stretch to think the plant may be able to raise $3-million this year if the weather cooperates.

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