ST. CLOUD -- After the success of last year’s campaign, Great River Regional Library has decided to bring back their Locally Growin’ April fundraiser.

Communications and Development Specialist Abby Faulkner says the campaign is set up by and geared toward meeting the needs of each of the individual libraries.

Each of our 32 branches is responsible for picking something that they want to raise money for. It’s kind of a wishlist thing. So, they pick a program or they pick some items for the collection, or just like a thing and they set the amount that it would take to raise the money to have that wishlist item come into reality.

Last year the campaign raised $20,000 region-wide. Faulkner says the St. Cloud branch is looking to raise money for kids programs and other items.

St. Cloud is aiming to raise $3000. This will be put toward children’s books, teen book club kits, and adult book club kits. We’re also raising money for our ComicCon which we are going to be holding in July.

Some other items on wishlists include robotics kits, charging stations, art supplies, and a planetarium.The fundraiser starts Monday and runs all month long.

To learn more about the needs of each branch or to make a donation, check out the link below: