More and more families are choosing to do outdoor activities together and that includes ice fishing according to WJON's Glen Schmitt from Outdoor News.  Glen joined me on WJON Thursday.  He says the pandemic has led more people to open water fishing in the summer and fall, hunting in the fall and ice fishing over the past month or so.  He says boat sales continue to be high and this includes new and used boats.  Glen expects this trend to continue going forward. Listen to our conversation below.


Many ice fishing contests are continuing this year but are typically done virtually and use more or an honor system.  Glen says the groups that put on these contests are mostly non-profit organizations who need this money to keep their organizations financially stable.  Glen says he prefers to sit outside in the elements on a bucket but sees the value in using small and extravagant ice houses.

Glen Schmitt from Outdoor News joins me Thursdays at 8:40 a.m. on WJON.

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