ST. CLOUD - One of the St. Cloud area's newest non profit organizations is called "I AM". They're actually still working on getting their 5013C status, but after raising nearly $4,000 at their first fundraising event, they're on their way.

Their mission is to help teenagers in central Minnesota grow into young adults.

Spokeswoman Nicole Couch says their next step is to create a young professionals board.

So we're looking for a board of adolescents ages 14 to 19 from the surrounding areas to help us do that target market research, so that we can figure out what the want, what they're lacking.

She says their ultimate goal is to build a teen center in Sauk Rapids for kids to come and hang out.

Sauk Rapids is a very central place. But we're still working on projections and where we could do that, and how much it would cost.  But that's our goal and I am sticking to it.

Couch says they're still working on their next fundraising event, but it will probably be held sometime this summer.

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