ST. CLOUD - Older dogs in the St. Cloud metro area that have no place to go are finding news homes thanks to the efforts of a local non-profit. "Grey Face Rescue" started here about a year-and-a-half ago. They are a senior dog rescue that places dogs in foster or hospice homes.

Spokeswoman Bethie Gondeck says, while they are 100 percent volunteer based, they do need donations to help pay for the dog's vet care.

On average each dog that comes in the Rescue is about $400 at the end of the day, and that doesn't include a dental, which about 80 percent of them need a dental.  Each dog also gets a blood panel, and that's where we see about their liver function and kidneys.

Gondeck says dogs come to them for a variety of reasons.

Some are really heartbreaking. We've had elderly come in that are moving to a nursing home or assisted living that can't take their dog with.  Those are really the heart wrenching ones.

Gondeck says, if you can't give a financial donation, they're also looking for people to take in dogs in their homes.

Also, Grey Face Rescue has a big fundraising event - a chili cook off - next Saturday, January 28th at the Upper Deck Sports Bar.