Today is when you should keep an eye on the sky if you are doing anything outdoors. The forecast calls for some possible nasty storms with large hail, wind, and possible tornados. With that news professional storm chasers are arriving in Minnesota, preparing to catch Mother Nature's worst.

I could see a regionally bimodal severe weather and #tornado setup tomorrow (Wednesday) late afternoon and evening across the extreme eastern Dakotas into Minnesota and northern Iowa! We will be activating live storm chase mode tomorrow. Team Dominator is BACK!

Reed Timmer, who calls himself an extreme meteorologist, chases tornadoes hurricanes & blizzards and has a PhD in meteorology from the University of Oklahoma has been posting about his trip up to Minnesota for the weather.

Timmer's bio on Youtube reads:

Reed Timmer, known for embedding myself into some of the most severe weather storms and scenarios imaginable, so that I can research, report and warn others before natural disasters strike. While most prefer to avoid the bad news that comes with bad weather, I charge towards it; intercepting tornadoes and hurricanes with my armored vehicle, the SRV Dominator, and launching trackable meteorological sensors into their strongest winds. My team has deployed probes into tornadoes using drones, small aircraft, and even rockets, gathering measurements never-before-recorded on earth. Documenting all things related to atmospheric science is my passion.

It's unclear if Timmer is driving the tornado tank, Dominator 3, or another vehicle to Minnesota, but you will know it if you see the tornado tank.

While severe weather is fascinating to witness, it's also very dangerous. Leave the storm chasing to people like Reed on days like today.

Also, if we do get some bad weather send us your weather pics using our free app, they might be featured on our websites! No app? No problem, you can download it below, for FREE.

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